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Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to Make Money Writing Articles Online

Learn how to make more money writing articles.
Is it really possible to make money writing articles? In the beginning I was doubtful, but with a few articles I’ve written, I’ve begun earning an adequate amount of money to make writing worth my while. There are some simple principles and techniques that will allow you to write good articles that get larger viewers and generate more advertisement profits, thus earning you extra money.
The best thing about making money from writing articles is that there is no limit to how much you can earn per article. You will be continuously getting paid as long as your articles gets traffic and earn ad revenues. Here are some secrets to make more and good money from writing articles.
Choose your topic intelligently – You can earn more money from your articles if you select topics that are well supported by advertisers. Most hot topics to write articles and to make more money are health related articles, beauty and skin care topics, money making or business ideas.
Use keywords and key phrases – It is most important to use keywords and key phrases throughout your article in order to get good traffic from search engines. You should choose keywords and phrases that most of the people are likely to use when searching for a topic. Include your main keywords and phrases at least once in the introduction, and once in every step. Use free tools like Google AdWords to generate a list of important keywords for your topic. This is most important part to make ongoing money from your writing.
Promote your articles a lot – Promote your articles on top social networking sites like digg, stumbleupon, twitter, Facebook, shetoldme, mixx and reddit. The more you promote the more you get traffic to your articles. And your articles will generate more ad revenue.
How to earn more money from one article
First signup to Triond pays 50% of the commission made from the advertisements that appear in your articles.
Write an article in and after the article is published post that same article to and So you can post the same article to these websites and can earn some more money from your articles.
For Step-by-Step procedure to write on Triond you can get the details HERE.

If you are a Worker: To earn cash here is the process...

1. Register for free at Minute Workers

2. Go to Available Jobs to select a job to complete

3. Complete the job(s) and submit the proof

4. Wait for the employer to review your proof

5. Once reviewed the job is complete and money is sent

6. Withdraw the cash with AlertPay,Money Booker And PayPal

Computer Jobs in Bangalore

Data Entry Operator
Job Summary
Experience: 0 - 1 Year
Location: BangaloreEducation: Any Graduate
Posted Date: 5th July 2010
Desired Candidate Profile
Candidates must have experience in Data Entry, MIS Reports, MS OFfice.
Contact Details
Company Name: Tecsmission
Email Address:
Telephone: 080-41265165

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No Doubt, is legit company.When some one download file from your link, you get paid.Why they are paying? Are they earning from our download?Yes they are earning from advertisement, so they are sharing money with us.This program is useful only people having good traffic on their blog or website.Minimum payment is $10 via paypal.If you refer people and they download you get paid $0.5. Per download they are paying $0.001

Friday, April 30, 2010
Job Nature : Not very clear, very hard to understand for norml people, You need to capture CodePositive Point :
1) They look like genuine site2) Yes they pay3) No registartion fees, that good point4) No scam found under there name
Negative Point :
1) It look like suspicious website,They can track your all details. As we put code same like gmail or yahoo does.2) They pay very low $0.002. To make 1 dollar it will take 3 to 4 days with 6 hour jobs3) Very weak point is you don't understand what work you are doing and what benefit they have. Very Very SuspiciousWe have mix comment, decision is your to join.

You Can Make Money from Home Using Your Computer

You Can Make Money from Home Using Your Computer with These Sites!

"Get Paid To (GPT)" sites, as in, get paid to surf, shop, sign up for trial offers and read emails. With these sites both you and the site make money in a few different ways.

You sign up with these sites and they pay you per offer to enter your name, address, phone number and email address. They make money by selling this info to advertisers.

You can also sign up to read the email ads they send you. This is very painless and really ads up. Paid surveys are another quick and fun way to make money with GPTs. .

some of the websites are

Top Google Adsense Alternative

The great list of Google Adsense Alternatives. I’ve decided to make a list of known Google Adsense Alternatives.

1. Absolute Agency
2. AcceleratorMedia
3. ad pepper media
4. adagency1
5. AdBrite
6. Adconian
7. AdDynamix
8. ADEngage
9. Adgenta QAds
10. adgridwork
11. Adicate
12. Adify
13. AdJungle
14. Adknowledge
15. AdlandPro
16. Adlink Media
17. AdMentum
18. AdMob
19. AdOrigin
20. Ads-Click
21. ADSDAQ Ad Exchange
22. adsmarket
23. AdSmart
24. adtechnica
26. AdToll
28. Advertlets (scam)
29. AdVolcano
30. AffiliateFuel
31. AffiliateFuture
32. Agendize
33. AmaSensAds
34. Amazon
35. Ampira Media
36. Anastasia International
37. Auction Ads
38. AVN Ads
39. Axill
40. AzoogleAds
41. Bannerconnect
42. BannerSpace
43. BardzoMedia
44. BClick
45. Bidvertiser
47. Black Label Ads
48. BlinkAccess
49. BlogAds
50. BlogKits
51. BlueFN
52. BlueLithium
53. BurstMedia
54. buyat
55. Casale Media
56. CBprosense
57. Chitika
58. Claxon
59. Click2Sell
60. ClickBank
61. Clickbooth
62. Clickhype
63. Clicksor
64. clickXchange
65. clixGalore
66. CNet Shopper
67. Commission Junction
68. Commission Monster
69. Copernic Media
70. CoverClicks
71. CPX Interactive
72. CrispAds
73. CyberBounty
74. DarkBlue
75. Dragon Media Online
76. eBay AdContext
77. eClickZ
78. Enhance Interactive
79. eType Europe
80. eType USA
81. ExpoActive
82. Fair Ads Network
83. Federated Media
84. FindItQuick
85. FineClicks
86. FluxAds
87. Gorilla Nation
88. Her Agency
89. HispanoClick
90. Hyperbidder
91. IncentaClick
92. IndustryBrains
93. InterClick
94. Integri
95. Interevco
96. JoeTec
97. Komli
98. Kanoodle
99. Kontera
100. LinkBliss
101. LinkLike
102. LinkShareAds
103. LinkWorth
104. MaxBounty
105. MetaReward
106. Microsoft adCenter
107. Mirago
108. MIVA
109. MochiAds
110. Money4Banners
111. MoreNiche
112. NeverblueAds
113. Nixxie
114. Nuffnang
115. OneMonkey
116. Opt-Media
117. Oridian
118. Oxado
119. PayDotCom
120. PayPerPost
121. PayPopUp
122. Pheedo
123. Phorm
124. PointRoll
125. PopUpTraffic
126. Premium Network
127. PrimaryAds
128. ProfitCenter
129. Project Wonderful
130. PubMatic
131. Pulse 360
132. Quigo AdSonar
133. QuinStreet
134. Real Media
135. RealCast Media
136. RealTechNetwork
137. Revenue Science
139. RevenuePILOT
140. ReviewMe
141. RevoClix
142. Right Media Exchange
143. Robert Sherman Company
144. ROI Rocket
145. Rydium
146. Searchfeed
147. Shareasale
149. Sponsored Reviews
150. Strategic Affiliates
151. Targetpoint
152. Text Link Ads
153. Textads Dot Biz
154. TextWise
155. TNX.Net
156. Trade Doubler
157. Traffic Marketplace
158. Tremor Media
159. Tribal Fusion
160. TTZMedia
161. ValidClick
162. ValueAd
163. ValueClick Media
164. Veoda
165. Vibrant Media SmartAds
166. Vizu Polls
167. WayPointCash
168. Web Advertising
169. WebSponsors
170. WhenU
171. WidgetBucks
172. YesAdvertising

Google Adsense revenue raising three small tips

1. A page put only one ad code.

When users browse the Web normally, a maximum of one page will only click on an ad, so put an ad on a page code, you can increase your click-through rates and page eCPM, higher eCPM pages, Google Adsense will be said to match the more expensive advertising to you. Another page put a lot of advertising, such as refuse collection point type, not beautiful, but also earned less.

(Note: foreign and domestic advertising way of thinking is an entirely different concept. Foreigners for advertising this thing is pay attention to the feelings of the people to see how the ads? So he feels strange adsense policy requirements. And domestic For advertising this thing, the simple sum of 8 characters: all-pervasive! exploit any tiny opening! We are all people who do not pay attention to see how they feel? When you learn how to use a different way of thinking to do GGAD. You make money when arrived.)

2. The most likely to see ads on the user’s location.

Ad position on the most easy to see the location of the user, not the users most likely to click on the mouse position. Do not put Google Adsense to your site users do not see the place at first sight, no one hits there will be no income. But do be careful not to put the user clicks the mouse to the position most likely would be cheating Google that.

(Note: this code into the mouse to click into place the most likely, will be considered ** Click GOOGLE! Caused invalid clicks on it waiting to be K,. Do not use your small of body, to challenge the will of god google !)

3. Only display ads to specific users.

Long-term users view your blog is not going to click on your ads, so ads for this part of the user is of no use, so the best is directly to the user from the search engine advertising, search engine users generally come from particularly vulnerable to click on ads. The purpose of this is the same and the first to raise the page eCPM, higher prices to match Google Adsense ads. I present, because the reason the cache does not know how to use JS to achieve.

(Note: this comparison, BT. Belong to the upper tips! Do not know. But that’s very right, your site will definitely not regulars casually click on your ad, only through the search engines come to your Web site, because Your website structure is not very familiar with the natural and possibilities click on the **!)

Google will terminate cooperation with the agency

Google Inc. recently sent a letter to the user agent on the replacement of the notice AdSense Union messages, Google said in the message, from May 1, 2010 start of the original structure Shanghai Advertising Co., Ltd. will no longer look for Google in China’s advertising agency business , change from Google advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. undertake related services.

It is understood that, in 2008 Google will be in China the right to subcontract to the advertising agency search advertising agencies in Shanghai Co., Ltd., the Shanghai organization commitment AdWords and AdSense search related services, which is Google’s first country in the world-class advertising agencies, As the Shanghai organization in assuming Google search advertising agreement after the release of Chinese had a “you acknowledge and agree that Shanghai organization may, without further notice to you to find and choose a charity to donate to their program-related, from the Shanghai organization seeking to retain it should be All money paid to you, compensation and other payments “(Editor Note: For Feng Ting account), etc. terms, once considered too high-handed webmaster.

AdWords and AdSense in the commitment of the advertising business, the organization issued a number of times to find the appropriate tax invoice is for the Google Webmaster banter invoicing in China on behalf of the company, but the organization did not seek permission AdSense account audit.

And because change service providers plan to place ads on Google China, the service moved to Hong Kong, so this is considered to Google advertising business in China remain a symbol of independence.

E-mail notice to terminate agent reads as follows:

The following is the contents of references:

Dear Customer:

Thank you for a long time searching through the Shanghai Advertising Co., Ltd. structure (“structure seeking”) participate in Google AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions Advertising Alliance.

In order to better closer to your online advertising service, and to further enhance the quality of services related to online advertising, agencies have been searching with Google ads (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with the agreement, the Google Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to find an alternative structure to provide you with your participation in Google AdSense ads Union’s line under standard terms related services. We are therefore inform you that since May 1, 2010 (the “Effective Date”), Google Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will replace the structure to find a Google AdSense ads Union Online Standard Terms and Conditions of the Parties, Google Advertising (Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. will bear the structure were found in the Google AdSense advertising network Online Standard Terms and Conditions under all relevant interests, rights, obligations, duties and responsibilities; and from the effective date, the Google AdSense ads Union Online Standard Terms and Conditions of related services, you should to Google Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for the rights to the performance of your duties and obligations; Accordingly, the Google AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions Advertising Union under the related services, configuration of your search will not be entitled to any rights and interests, but also not undertake any obligations, duties and responsibilities.

Some owners worry that the plan change will lead to return to the era of U.S. collection. However, as AdSense from October 25, 2007 began to use Western Union, than in Shanghai Deputy Google advertising agencies to find even earlier, so the agents of change should not affect the normal payment to owners

Monday, April 26, 2010

SE Optimization: How Search Engine Optimization Service or SEO Company can play a role in your online success:

With the popularity of internet, today’s businesses are highly focusing on the online marketing for the promotion of their goods and services. You will observe a tight business competition so several companies and businesses either big or small are hiring the services of SEO companies. These SEO firms are helping the businessmen in growing up their business.
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